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Get Your Abs Workout While You Work – With the Evolution Chair from The Abs Company

evolution chair - the abs company

There’s been a trend recently to use a stability ball as your office chair. According to one study done by the Mayo Clinic, sitting on a firmly inflated stability ball encourages you to have better posture and core strength. Other research is showing that those who sit on a stability ball while working, burned more than 4 times more calories per hour than those who sat in an office chair. It will also give you greater freedom of movement as you’re seated. But, one of the downsides to this is a ball doesn’t really feel like a chair. So, you might want to consider the Evolution Chair from The Abs Company.

With the Evolution Chair, you’ll find an experience much closer to what you find with a normal chair – plus, unlike a stability ball, an Evolution Chair won’t accidentally roll around your office!

The Benefits of the Evolution Chair

  • Active Sitting = Strong Flexible Back. Stability ball chairs are not just another trendy fad. The health benefits of sitting on exercise balls are backed by solid science. The Evolution Chair is the best ball chair for optimum health. The ergonomic design successfully passed rigorous testing by medical professionals.
  • Every Evolution Chair Kit includes risers to adjust the base height to attain a custom fit for correct ergonomic positioning, a compact rolling base for effortless maneuverability and the versatility of a rolling office chair, and a back-less design to ensure core engagement for health and postural benefits.
  • Seated posture while on a stability ball, naturally encourages proper spinal alignment and relieves spinal compression. Active sitting successfully strengthens your abdominals and back muscles, improves your balance and posture, and enhances your core stability – all while you sit.

Research in cellular biology has shown that the cartilage cells of our inter-vertebral discs receive nourishment from movement rather than from regular blood supply. Normal healthy discs are fed and oxygenated by the constant recycling of the disc fluid that occurs with normal spinal joint movement. This joint motion sucks in fluid filled with oxygen and nutrients and pumps out waste fluid. One of the most popular solutions prescribed for increasing joint movement is exercise on a stability ball.

When you use stability ball chairs like the Evolution Chair, you get one of the healthiest ergonomic options in the workplace, as the Evolution chair engages “active sitting”. Because you have consistent movement while sitting, this movement relieves spinal compression while enhancing movement, allowing for normal fluid diffusion and hydration. The result is improved posture, balance, core strength and productivity. As the body adjusts to the subtle bounce, sway and tilt of the ball, deep core muscles are engaged. These constant small adjustments build the endurance and strength of the postural muscles which facilitate optimal posture.


  • Ergonomic height adjustable inserts raise and lower base
  • Back less design engages core muscles for health benefits
  • Sturdy rolling base provides effortless mobility
  • Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s three Valley stores – there’s one close to where you are! Come test out the Evolution chair – have a seat and experience the comfort – perfect for your home or business office!

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