According to New Research – Running Can Help Cure a Broken Heart

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Running Can Help Cure a Broken Heart

Breaking up is hard to do. Whether that means loosing a significant other, a loved one, a pet, or your job, loosing a relationship is tough. Did you know that running can help cure a broken heart?

Back in 2010, Rutgers University did a study that showed that loosing a relationship has the same effect on your brain as actual pain. So a broken heart – it does hurt! But, when you exercise, like when you go running, you stimulate brain chemicals that fight pain. Plus, you reduce stress, boost your mood, and actually start to feel better!

The brain chemicals in question can be traced to endorphins. If you’ve ever heard of a “runner’s high” – that feeling of euphoria comes from your body producing endorphins that affect your brain chemistry. Endorphins can ease depression and reduce pain. Your body also releases dopamine, another neurotransmitter released during periods of intense cardiovascular activity that has been shown to help fight those mental dark clouds. According to a recent study from the Journal of Neuroscience, movement also increases the brain’s GABA neurotransmitters, which help to control anxiety and fear.

Exercise has also been shown to help you sleep better and reduce stress. And, based on a study from the University of Arizona that looked at male, cross country runners age 18–25, running helped improve brain connectivity, thought patterns and decision-making—something that’s often compromised when you are upset. When you run, the repetitive motions combined with having to focus on something else drive complex cognitive functions. Since you are constantly monitoring your surroundings, traffic, how you feel, etc, – these thoughts force you to be in the moment. Running gives you a temporary break from dwelling on your loss. So rather than lamenting your loss, you might want to put on your running shoes – since that next run might help cure a broken heart!

And, with summer quickly approaching, running in the comfort of your own home is a great way to continue the healing process! Stop into any of our three Valley stores, and check out our full selection of the industry’s top treadmills. Contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore today to learn more!

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