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Product Spotlight: Spinner® Bikes by Precor

New! Spinner® Bikes by Precor!

Spinner® Bikes by Precor

Gear up your Spinning® classes like never before.

Precor Spinner® Bikes gives you the reliability, durability, and customer support you expect from Precor one of the premier fitness brands in the industry. You can trust a brand that is backed by more than 20 years of industry insights, education and programming from Spinning®.

Precor Spinner® Bikes include features like Morse taper pedals, numerous adjustments, stainless steal and aluminum frames, and a heavy flywheel, these bikes are designed to improve and personalize the ride and longevity of every bike you purchase. Give yourself the riding experience you’ve always dreamed.

Experience-driven design to protect your investment

Each Spinner® bike takes into account the reliability requirements you expect when purchasing fitness equipment. Together Precor and Spinning® designed these bikes to be rust resistant, durable and easy to service.

  • Aerodynamic and rounded tubing prevents pooling of liquids on flat surfaces for corrosion resistance, while maintaining a premium look.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum adjustment posts, fasteners, and frames provide a rust-resistant and sturdy frame for longevity in high rust-prone areas.
  • The open base and aluminum stabilizers provide for easier cleaning, maintenance and more rust-resistance under and around the bikes.

Spinning® Studio Console

An easy-to-read LCD console can be added to any model of Spinner® bike. Automatically pairing with any ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor, the console features:

  • Backlit display
  • Code memory during battery replacement
  • Low power consumption
  • Console Readout:
    • Cadence (Pedal RPM)
    • Heart rate/Pulse
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Calories
    • Low Battery Indicator

3 Bikes – Pick the best for your fitness needs!

Spinner® Bikes by Precor

Spinner® Ride Indoor Cycle

  • Superior feel from our perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Experience driven design makes Spinner® bikes more reliable
  • Features exerciser and operators expect

Spinner® Shift Indoor Cycle

  • Superior feel from our perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Experience driven design for reliability
  • Heavy duty steel frame

Spinner® Rally Indoor Cycle

  • Perimeter Weighted Flywheel
  • Experience-driven Design
  • Aluminum Frame with fore/aft handlebar adjustment

Want to learn more about the new line of Precor Spinner® Bikes? Visit any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 locations here in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Chandler.

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