Get Off Your Butt! How Lack of Exercise Hurts Your Body

Get Off Your Butt! How Lack of Exercise Hurts Your Body

We’ve all heard about the negative health benefits of obesity. Being severly overweight is horrible for your health. So, as you relax on your couch this coming weekend, you may feel pretty good. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds, but you’re not fat. Problem is, according to a study by the University of Cambridge, sitting on your butt doing nothing is just as dangerous as being fat! One of the worst things you can do is suffer from a lack of exercise – as it hurts your body just as bad as being overweight!

According to the World Heath Organization, one in four people don’t move enough. We spend all day at work in the same spot, at the same chair, at the same desk – then go home and kick back in the same spot as well. And, this isn’t just making you fat. Here’s some of the effects a sedentary lifestyle hurts you!

You’re more likely to be in a bad mood

Feeling tired, nervous, restless, or hopeless? Blame it on your chair! If you sit for more than 6 hours a day, Australian researchers found you’re more likely to have these feelings – by a factor of 90%! Yet, when you exercise, you not only get your blood flowing (which can give you energy and keep you from feeling lethargic) – but exercise releases those wonderful feel-good hormones known as endorphins (this is what give people what is known as a “runner’s high”). These can boost your mood even more than anti-depressents – but the side effects of exercise also mean you’ll sleep better, have more energy, and also be in a better mood!

You’ll increase your cancer risk

German research is showing that a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of a number of different cancers – including a 24% higher risk of colon cancer. Not to mention that you’re increasing your risk of obesity, which further increases your risk of disease.

You may be hurting your sex life

Gaining weight not only hurts your body self-image, but given that a sedentary lifestyle may cause you to loose weight, but a Harvard study has shown that the bigger your belly gets, the greater increase in the potential for erectile dysfunction issues. But those that lead an active lifestyle had higher sexual function scores than those that lived a sedentary lifestyle. So, getting those regular workouts in your schedule not only may help you look good, it may help you in the bedroom as well!

You won’t get a good night’s sleep

According to a study in Mental Health and Physical Activity, if you exercise at least 150 minutes a week (which is only 2.5 hours) – you’ll be twice as likely as those that don’t exercise to get a good nights sleep! 2/3 of people that exercise report that they don’t ever suffer from insomnia. And, getting a good nights sleep also can help keep you from putting on extra weight – and keep you off the couch for a nap as well!

Your brain doesn’t work as well

New research shown in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease shows that if you’re an older adult, a sedentary lifestyle may increase your risk of dementia – putting that risk at the same level as those that may have a genetic predisposition toward the condition. Keeping active is not only healthly for your body – but your brain as well!

Want to break the habit and get your workouts back on track? It’s easier than you think! Yes, cramming 2.5 hours of exercise into your busy schedule may not be as easy as you’d like. So, start with working out this coming weekend! English researchers found that those that only worked out one or two days per week were still 18 percent less likely to die from cancer, 40 percent less likely to die from heart disease, and 30 percent less likely to die of any cause over 18 years than people who didn’t exercise at all.

Plus, it’s far easier to find time to workout at home than it is to schedule time at your local gym And, Fitness 4 Home Superstore has the equipment that can help!  Visit one of our valley showrooms today in Scottsdale, Chandler and Phoenix – and find the fitness equipment that can help you achieve your goals of better fitness – and a better life!

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