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Healthy Living – Avoid Fast Food Dieting Problems!

Avoid Fast Food Dieting Problems

Have you been trying to watch your diet, but seem to be having problems staying dedicated to it? We’ve all been there…when life gets crazy, and your running out of time, a quick stop at a fast food restaurant is convenient – especially when your tired! Yet, stopping by the local drive through burger joint for a quick burger and fries…is well known to be bad for a healthy diet – especially if you’re trying to drop a few pounds!

Researchers at New York’s Baruch College recently reported that having a bad nights sleep makes you much more prone to stopping by for a grease-burger during the day. Seems that one night of tossing and turning can make you crave fast food! When they reviewed the food and sleep journals of their study group’s participants, those that had a hard time falling asleep (or staying asleep) had a much greater tendancy to eat fast food the next day.

Additionally, there is an additional reason for men to avoid shoveling down that order of fast food fries – greasy fries have been linked to an increased rate of prostate cancer!

Now, that doesn’t seem like a big surprise. Nobody feels like cooking when they’re irritable and tired. Yet, 60 percent of the US is overweight, and 30 percent is considered obese. So, the next time you’re tempted to break your diet for just one night – keep in mind that men who have only two fast-food meals weekly gain an extra 10 pounds over 15 years, compared to those that went home to eat a healthy meal!

Bob Lachniet

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