Why you should consider a Spin Bike for your home cardio workouts!

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Bodycraft SPR Indoor Club Group CycleSpin bikes, also known as Indoor Cycles, make for an efficient and effective cardio workout – as well as a great way to reduce stress! A Spin bike is a stationary bike that has an adjustable resistance setting, which allows you to control how easy or hard your workout is.

Benefits of a Spin Bike Workout:

Burn Calories – On average, you can expect to burn off about 500 calories during a 45 minute workout.- this is an amount that may be even greater than other types of workouts. And, since you’re sitting as you workout, you can set up a spin bike in front of your television – making that time fly by!

Increased Endurance – Like any workout, the more you do, the better you get. But, with the effective workouts you get on a spin bike, you can build your overall endurance at an increased pace. So, if you get winded going up a flight of stairs, start working out on a spin bike. Soon, those stairs won’t be a problem!

Build Muscle – Spin bike workouts target your legs and your core, building muscle tone and structure along the way. As you increase and decrease the tension on the bike, this approximates the effect you get going up and down hills. This variety in your spin bike workout keeps your muscles “guessing” – and they are less likely to get used to your workouts to the point you stop building muscle. Plus, the faster you work out, the more fat you burn – and with increased muscle growth, that new muscle also speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn fat for hours after your actual workout is complete!

Reduce Stress – Spin bikes provide for a more intense workout – helping you take your mind off of other things that are causing you stress.

Year Round Workouts – One of the downsides of living in Arizona is that summers can be brutally hot. Moving your workouts to a spin bike allows you to continue keeping up with your cardio exercise regime in the comfort of your air-conditioned home!

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