ginger salmon

Healthy Recipe – Ginger Salmon

Looking for something with a little more “exotic” taste, while also simple to make? Try this recipe for Ginger Salmon – and get some extra omega-3’s as well! Salmon is nutritionally dense, which means you get a lot of nutrition packed into less calories. So, adding salmon to your diet is good for keeping up with
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Protein: Why It's An Important Part Of Your Fitness Plan
Is your fitness plan goal to loose weight? Maybe gain muscle. Have extra energy, Or, maybe just to eat healthier. Regardless of what your goals are, one thing is common between these goals is your diet – especially protein. Protein is an essential macronutrient that is involved in a wide range of bodily functions, including
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Healthy Recipe - Spinach Frittata
A Frittata is an Italian omelet with cheese, meat or vegetables mixed into the eggs, as opposed to an American omelet that folds the ingredients inside the eggs. This Frittata recipe makes for a special breakfast or an easy dinner! Ingredients 1 tsp. olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 3 C. fresh baby spinach 3
Simple High-Protein Breakfast Ideas
One of the best ways to make sure you not only loose weight, but keep it off, is to build muscle. And, your muscles don’t grow while you’re working out. Your workouts break down muscle, and they rebuild while you’re at rest. But, there’s a critical component you need to make sure you have healthy
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Healthy Diet - Southwestern Wraps
Sometimes, finding something quick and easy for lunch can be a real hassle. Here’s a recipe for something you can throw together in just a few minutes that’s healthy and tastes great: Southwestern Wraps! Ingredients: 1 C. tomatoes, diced 1 ½ T. fresh cilantro, chopped 4 fat-free 10” flour tortillas 1 C. low-fat black bean
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Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Are you carrying a bit of extra weight around your midsection? Although you may not like the looks of it, there’s a more important reason to change your diet, start exercising, and loose that spare tire. That extra belly fat may be poisoning you. So, here’s the best ways for getting rid of belly fat.
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Healthy Eating: Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast
You get busy. You end up grabbing something to eat. It may not be the most healthy thing you’ve eaten, but it’s food. The problem with this is – this process goes against your goal of loosing weight! Loosing weight, and keeping the pounds once lost, isn’t quick or easy. But, with a bit of
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Grilled Broccoli with Avocado & Sesame
This recipe is a Keto-friendly choice, and the broccoli can take more heat on the grill than you might think; it won’t taste burnt unless you actually set it on fire. This recipe is highly macro-nutrient centric! Ingredients Pickled Jalapeños ½ cup white balsamic vinegar or unseasoned rice vinegar ¼ cup dry white wine or
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Best Foods for Gaining Lean Muscle
Gaining lean muscle takes two things. Physical activity and nutrition. You need strength training workouts that build muscle, and proper food sources that include high-protein foods, as well as carbohydrates and healthy fats. The great thing about adding lean muscle is that you’re going to increase your metabolism, which burns body fat. And, muscle takes
Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get through the day without gaining weight or feeling guilty about what you eat. Did you know that the average Thanksgiving meal contains over 2,000 calories? That’s an entire day’s worth of calories in just ONE