4 TRX Exercises For a Great Workout!
If your home doesn’t have space for extra gym equipment, or you want to continue your workouts while traveling, you might want to consider a TRX Suspension Training System. Along with being compact and easy to travel with, the TRX Suspension Training System is also quite cost effective. With suspension training, you use your own
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Cross Training Equipment
Cross training is a core strength and conditioning program, designed around compound movements while building stamina, strength, flexibility, and power. And, Fitness 4 Home Superstore offers a wide selection of cross training equipment at our three Phoenix area locations. When it comes to Cross Training, one of the hallmarks of a proper cross training program
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Strength Training Tips For Beginners
There’s more to an exercise program than just cardio. Cardio is an important part of fitness. But, there are also plenty of benefits to adding strength training to your fitness program. The biggest problem for most people considering adding strength training to their workout program, is that it can seem a bit intimidating. Here’s some
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TuffStuff SXT-550 Multi-Station Gym
The TuffStuff SXT-550 Multi-Station Gym – the perfect home gym platform, providing full body machine based movements by combining traditional pressing stations with the legendary TuffStuff Six-Pack functional training gym! Combining popular functional training with a traditional pressing station, the TuffStuff SXT-550 Multi-Station Gym offers adjustable seat height and telescopic seat back adjustments, a combination
home gym exercise equipment
Workout equipment can be a considerable investment. This is especially true if you want high-quality, durable machines or equipment that will last a long time and withstand heavy use. (With fitness equipment, cut-rate items are often no bargain when they fail to perform or break quickly.) Even if you are a serious athlete looking for
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Precor TRM 425 Treadmill

Best Fitness Equipment Brands

When it comes to home gym equipment – and fitness equipment in general, being choosy about brand names can often be a smart move. This is one situation where you often really do get what you pay for. Why quality and reputation matters Fitness equipment and home gym systems are major investments. You want to
Product Spotlight: PowerBlock Pro EXP Adjustable Dumbbells
PowerBlock has revamed their line of adjustable dumbbells, and have introduced the new Pro series -including the Power Block Pro EXP Adjustable Dumbbells. What makes PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells perfect for your home gym, is rather than filling a room with a full set of 8 pairs of dumbbells, you chould choose a set of PowerBlock
Getting Serious About Strength Training
If you’re looking to improve your running times, or you just want to enjoy longer hikes, building strong legs should be an important part of your workout plan. Here are some workout tips for building great legs. First rule of building great legs – to get the best results from your leg training, you need
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Buying Local Fitness Equipment
You have lots of options when it comes to where to buy your fitness equipment. However, buying from a local retailer can have several important advantages. First and foremost, there’s the community-building aspect. This is a great way to support your local business community—which benefits the area overall in a variety of ways. Think of
Cross Training
Cross training is all the rage these days. It’s such a fitness buzz word in the area of fitness. But when it comes to cross training, what sort of fitness accessories do you need? So in this blog today, we are not going to discuss cross training machines like ellipticals, treadmills, upright bikes, etc. No,