Avoid These Workout Mistakes

Avoid These Workout Mistakes

Why do you workout? Usually, it’s a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to build muscle. Or loose weight. Or trim off a bit of belly fat. Or, maybe it’s to train for an upcoming race. But, even though you may have the best intentions, you may not realize that some of the things you do during your workouts may be not only limiting your results, but may also increase your risk of injury. Here are a few tips to help you avoid workout mistakes.

Never changing up your workout.

Your body is incredible – and it does an incredible job of adapting to any environment you’re in. But, that adaptability is the one major thing that can limit your results. When you do the same workout, day-in and day-out – your body adapts to the workout. To get the results you want, you need to challenge your body – you need to change up the stimulus that build muscle and burn more calories. So, plan out your workout schedule in advance. Shoot for 4-5 week phases where you focus on different things each week. One week it may be strength. The next week it could be cardio. The third week – power…and so on. And then, for each day that week, change up the number of reps / sets, the amount of weight, or the amount of intensity.

Always working to failure

It’s good to put a reasonable amount of stress on your muscles, as this is what causes you to break things down so they can rebuild stronger. But doing that every workout increases your risk of injury a substantial amount. Plus, it actually makes it harder for your muscles to rebuild and grow – which is counterproductive to what you’re trying to accomplish. Instead, you should look to gradually increase the stress on your body without pushing to failure, by adding a little bit more weight on each workout.

You have poor form – and don’t use a full range of motion.

Many times, if you’re not in the mood to workout, it’s tempting to rush through your workout and not use a full range of motion – and while doing that, ignoring proper form. This is a recipe for injury, as well as you’re cheating yourself. By keeping proper form, and utilizing a full range of motion, you maximize your muscle-building efforts while also strengthening your joints, which can actually help you prevent injury over time.

So whether you’re doing cardio training or weight training – by keeping theset tips in mind, you’ll be in a getter position to maximize your efforts while also minimizing injury. And, if you’re looking for fitness equipment for your home, stop into any of our three Valley locations to find the best cardio & strength equipment, as well as fitness accessories.

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