A Sensible Approach to Getting Fit

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One of the hardest realities of getting fit that we all most face is – getting fit doesn’t happen overnight. Regardless of how many ads you see promising “6 Weeks to Killer Abs”, or other programs of that ilk – there is a more sensible approach to getting fit.

Take your time!

If you were once in shape, how long did it take for you to get out of shape? Did it happen overnight? Probably not. It took time for your body to loose its level of fitness to get you to where you are today. Isn’t it reasonable to think that it may take some time to return your body to a state of prime fitness? Especially if just finding 20 minutes to workout in your busy schedule is already difficult? Keep this in mind – it takes 10-12 years to build an Olympian. Those “90 days transformation” programs are great if you can dedicate all your free time to fitness. But, if you don’t have that kind of time and commitment, it’s OK if it takes longer to get yourself fit again.

Pick a program that works for you.

Before you start a workout program, ask yourself what your goal is? Is it to loose weight? Trim up your muscles? Run a marathon? The program you choose should be one that helps you achieve your goal, not fight against it. Otherwise you’ll get discouraged with your results, you won’t enjoy your program, you’ll loose motivation, and you’ll have wasted your time and money – and still not be back in shape. And, be realistic in the what you expect to get out of the program. Working out extra hard 2 days a week won’t make up for less intense, but regular workouts 5-6 days a week. So pick a program you can do consistently, that you enjoy, and you can dedicate yourself to completing.

Remember that not every workout is going to be a killer workout.

Some days, it’s already hard to just get out of bed. But doing something is better than doing nothing. It’s better to keep your workouts going – even if there is an occasional “less than good” workout – than it is to just skip your workouts on the days you don’t really “feel it”. It’s good to have those less intense days once in awhile anyway! Your goal should be to work on building a good foundation to both your fitness plan, as well as to the actual workouts you are doing. Once you’ve built that foundation, then you can ramp things up to keep building on your program. Focusing on making every workout a hard workout, and expecting fast results because of that, can lead to lack of motivation as well as injury. So, when you feel like pushing hard in a workout – great. But if you’re having a day where you’re not inclined to push as hard, don’t feel bad about it – just make sure you take your time and get through it – you may find that once you start, you feel better and have a great workout anyway!

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