TRUE Fitness – Leg Equipment

Your legs are typically the strongest muscle groups, and can lift the most weight. They are also used constantly during your daily activities. These lower body machines from TRUE Fitness can strengthen every muscle in your lower body from your calves to your hamstrings, to thighs, to glutes.

TRUE machines are built with every type of user in mind. TRUE lower body are designed for ease of use, with comfortable touch points and functional features, lending convenience to all fitness exercisers.

TRUE has been an innovator within both the retail and commercial fitness equipment industry for over 35 years, and that vast experience has helped them to make the most reliable equipment around. And their worldwide network of authorized sales and service representatives ensures you get quick and useful help whenever you have a question about your TRUE strength equipment. Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 Valley Locations to experience the details of the entire TRUE Home Gym strength training line.


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