Precor TRM 835 Experience™ Series Treadmill

Price: $9,795.00

You want the absolute best from yourself and your fitness equipment. The Precor TRM 445 is our top-of-the-line treadmill with a full set of features and fitness center quality construction.

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Precor TRM 835 Treadmill – Color Options

Ozzie Highlights

This Precor TRM 835 Treadmill features easy-to-use motion controls, with a pleasing LED- based display, showing the essential stats to keep you moving. Precision cardio equipment from Precor is consistent for providing smoothness and flowing motion. The Active Status light will keep this machine in excellent health, which in turn keeps you healthy. The light will allow the facility to know the status of the machine and if the 835 needs a tune up. I love the Integrated Footplant Technology™, this allows my workout to keep its momentum by reducing the stress and impact on my joints, and allows me to increase or maintain my stamina.

Product Details for the Precor TRM 835 Experience™ Series Treadmill

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill

The contemporary, thoughtful design of the new TRM 835 delivers exercisers unparalleled feel and quiet operation while facility operators experience optimal performance and durability. The Active Status Light alerts you, or facility staff at a glance to the operating status of the treadmill.

Like every piece of equipment in our Experience Series 830 Line, the Precor TRM 835 adds value to your home or facility by combining essential reliability and ease-of-use with a feeling that’s personalized to every step. The 830 Line console integrates our intuitive motion controls and uses an LED-based display that focuses on the essential fitness stats and displays that keep users moving.

Product Highlights

  • Console
    Created to complement the entire Experience Series™ line, which includes this Precor TRM 835 Treadmill, the P30 console features easy-to-use motion controls and uses a LED-based console that focuses on the essential fitness stats that keep users moving. Including 25 programs accessed directly by 6 buttons.
  • Energy Efficiency
    The 4 HP AC motor drives in all of our new treadmills are optimized with Power Factor Correction (PFC) to improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent. This can add up to some great cost savings for your home or facility.
  • Integrated Footplant Technology™
    Recognizes exercisers natural foot speeds and matches every stride for an ultra-smooth feel that enhances their workout experience.
  • Ground Effects® Impact Control System (GFX)
    Exercisers will love that the Precor TRM 835 Treadmill is made with the next generation of our patented cushioning, support, and stability system called Ground Effects®. The shock absorption of GFX to has increased 44% over the previous generation. This technology enhances execisers’ workouts by absorbing high-impact movements in the front of the belt, reducing the stress on joints, which minimizies fatigue, and allows for a solid, more controlled push-off in the back of the belt.
  • Active Status Light™
    The Active Status Light™, a first-of-its-kind feature located on the bottom front of the TRM 835 Treadmill, allows you or facility operators and staff to quickly and easily assess the operating condition of the treadmill. It signals an visible alert at a mere glance when maintenance is needed to extend the life of the treadmill.
  • Motor
    IFT-Drive controller works with a new, high efficiency 4 HP AC motor that delivers improved performance and a smooth, natural feel.
  • Deck and Belt
    Seigling E8 multi-ply polyester belt with optimized lubrication integrated into the material, exclusive to Precor. The running belt is combined with a pre-waxed deck that offers added lubrication especially during the initial break-in period of the treadmill. The combination of the exclusive optimized running belt with pre-waxed deck yields a long lasting system. However, when the running belt does need to be replaced and the deck flipped, this service can be completed in less than 20 minutes. The deck is mounted to the GFX system independent of the frame resulting in a stable, quieter treadmill. Reversible Deck.
  • Elevation System
    Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation.
  • Rollers
    Steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.
  • Frame
    New frame design results in an ultra-stable console, solid feel, and quiet operation.
  • Water Bottle and Accessories Holder
    Dual holders with rubber over mold cradles exercisers water bottle to keep it stable. Accessory tray securely supports exercisers cell phone, keeping it front and center, along with ample room for keys, membership card, etc.
  • Emergency Stop
    Safety clip and lanyard attached to the stop switch to immediately turn off power bringing the treadmill to a stop. The lanyard and safety clip can be conveniently attached to a thoughtful tab located underneath the front handrail.
  • Maxium Pause / Workout Time
    The Maxium Pause time for the console programs is 120 seconds. The maxium workout time for this TRM 835 is unlimited.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
    Touch heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease-of-use by users of all sizes. Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap.
  • Network Capabilities
    Ability to set club parameters, e.g. limit exercise time, set default language and pause time. CSAFE Ready
  • Equipment Specifications
    The TRM 835 has a speed range of .5 to 16 MPH. The ability to decline at -3% and incline to 115% in 0.5% increments, providing a variety of workouts. The running surface is 60″ in length and 22″ in width, with a maxium user weight of 400 lbs. Stepping onto the TRM 835 is at 9.5″, and the handrail length is at 24″ providing more privacy.

Product Specifications

Physical Specifications
  • Frame: Commercial-Grade Structural Steel with durable Powder-Coat Paint.
  • Dimensions: 88”L x 35”W x 70.5”H
  • Product Weight: 466 lbs.
  • Max User Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Step-up Height: 11.6"
  • Handrail Length: 24"
  • Running Surface: 60"L x 20"W
Technical Specifications
  • Elevation System:
    Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation
  • Decline/Incline Range:
    -3% decline to 15% incline in 0.5% increments
  • Speed Range:
    0.5 - 16 mph / 0.8-25.5 km/h
  • Motor:
    IFT-Drive controller works with a 4 HP AC induction motor for a smooth, natural feel. 3-phase, sensorless variable frequency drive technology for high reliability and accurate speed control
  • Rollers:
    4" in diameter, steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise
  • Emergency Stop:
    Safety clip attached to emergency stop switch to immediately turn off power bringing treadmill to a gentle stop. Stopswitch has no magent to lose and has a guard to prevent inadvertent activation.
  • Transport Wheels:
  • Network Capabilities:
    Preva™ network capable, C-SAFE enabled
Console and Programs


    With a touch screen console just like a high-end phone, and a simple, intuitive interface that draws users deeper into their workout, the P80 console is a reliable fitness solution that gets more powerful the longer you own it.The P80 console offers administrators and users the ability toset default settings that meet their specific needs. To accomplish this, the console supports settings for different classes of users depending on their administrative rights.The P80 console offers clear visuals and a touch-screen layout that encourages program exploration. Multiple preset workouts are designed to help individual users meet their fitness goals, and the console keys and durable motion controls are responsive and easy to use..
  • Console Language(s):
    Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish (software updates occur frequently, check with your sales representative for the latest features available)
  • Units Selection:
    Metric or U.S. Standard
  • Electronic Readouts:
    Time Remaining, Time in Zone, Segment, Pace, Average Pace, Average Speed, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Max Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Workout Summary
  • Max Workout Time / Max Pause Time:
    120 minutes
  • Media Support:
    Analog, Digital, IPTV, PRO:IDIOM, DIRECTV, iPhone® / iPod® Compatible

  • Lose Weight
  • Fat Burner
  • Aerobic
  • Aerobic Plus
  • 4-3 Interval
  • Heart Rate Zone
  • Be Fit
  • Manual
  • 1:1 Interval
  • 2:1 Interval
  • 4:1 Interval
  • Rolling Hills
  • Mountain Peaks
  • Heart Rate Zone
  • Get Toned
  • Glute Toner
  • Glute Toner Plus
  • Leg Sculpt
  • Leg Sculpt Plus
  • Push Performance
  • 1-4 Interval
  • 1-2 Interval
  • 5K
  • Heart Rate Zone
  • Test Your Fitness
  • Gerkin Fitness Test
  • Navy PRT
  • Army PFT
  • Federal Law Enf. PEB
  • WFI Firefighter Test


  • Frame & Welds: Lifetime
  • Parts & Wear Items: 10 years
  • Console: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year


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