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About Medicine Balls & Slam Balls – Weighted Resistance Accessories at Fitness 4 Home Superstore

Medicine balls are workout tools that fall into the weighted-resistance category. Also called med balls, weighted med balls, or weighted medicine balls, they can help improve endurance, enhance strength, and increase power. The design seems fairly simple, but they’re built strong to withstand lots of use as they’re tossed, swung, thrown, bounced, and slammed around during intense workout sessions. They can also be used on just about any surface, like rubber or hardwood floors, grass or artificial turf, and even concrete, indoors or out. Medicine & Slam balls come with or without handles in a variety of diameters, weights, and textures.

Medicine & Slam Balls range from 2 pounds to 30 pounds or even heavier. The best way to choose the weight of your new medicine ball, is to be sure to choose one that is heavy enough to challenge you, without being too heavy to handle. If you’re a beginner, try starting with a lighter weighted ball and work your way up to heavier weighted ball as your fitness goals increase. If possible, try out a series of weighted balls at your gym or fitness center to see which ball feels best. If you find it difficult to choose between two weights, go with the lighter weight. And remember, even with a lighter ball, you’ll still see improvements in your overall conditioning, strength, and coordination.

Whether you’re looking to get fit in your Phoenix Valley home or purchase this equipment for a commercial gym, Fitness 4 Home Superstores located on Camelback, in Scottsdale, and our Phoenix I-10 Superstore have a variety of medicine balls & racks built solely to help your strength training workouts. If strength training is a priority for you then these products might be exactly what you need. Take a look at our wide variety of medicine balls and racks and see if this is what your home gym or fitness facility is missing.