The Coronavirus Factor. Crowded Gym’s vs. Working Out at Home

Working out at home has never made more sense

Let’s be realistic. Going to the gym doesn’t conjure up thoughts of cleanliness. You’ve got a room full of people that exhibit varying levels of hygiene. And, there’s no way to guarantee the machine you’re about to use is clean and has been disinfected, despite the best efforts of the gym’s staff.

People tend to worry (rightly so) about communal places because they can come in contact, directly or indirectly, with someone who is sick. Crowed gym’s are one of these places – but you can avoid this by having your own gym setup at home!

Viruses that cause illnesses such as COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the seasonal flu are often spread via direct exposure to respiratory droplets expelled in the sneezes or coughs of a sick person, but they can also live on surfaces and inanimate objects for days at a time. It’s logical to think that the more people who touch shared objects-like, say, weights and cardio machines-the higher the risk that someone could leave behind a virus, potentially passing it on to others.

When you work out at home, you’re not coming in contact with anything someone may have left behind. With viruses such as COVID-19 being transmitted by both the air, and by touch, there’s no way of knowing how well your local gym is disinfecting their facilities. And even if they just wiped down surfaces 15 minutes ago, all it takes is for an infected person to come in 5 minutes later, to expose you to the virus.

There are additional of benefits to working out at home.

The harder and more inconvenient it is to go to the gym, the more likely you will be to procrastinate and avoid going. This is why so many gym memberships go mostly unused, especially after the initial introductory period. Having a gym at home provides the ability to workout just by walking into the next room.

Your Own Personal Space
Working out at home means you can wear whatever you want to wear, you don’t have to wait in line for a piece of equipment, you can play your own music, and even grunt without offending anyone!

24/7/365 Access
Rather than trying to fit your workout into your schedule, you can workout anytime you want. As often as you want. And, your workouts can happen faster, as you don’t have to wait on anyone for a machine, saving you time in your busy schedule.

You Can Focus on your Fitness Goals
With no distractions, and the right equipment, you know you’ve got the gear you need to accomplish your specific fitness goals.

You Control How Clean your Home Gym Is
Unlike your local gym, keeping your home gym clean and sanitary is totally under your control, giving you peace of mind in a world full of infections threats.

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Bob Lachniet
Co-Owner/ President
Fitness 4 Home Superstore