TRUE Performance 300 Treadmill
Now at Fitness 4 Home Superstore – the True Performance 300 Treadmill! This incredible treadmill is suited for users of all fitness levels, and is the perfect treadmill to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals. And, the Performance 300 treadmill offers an orthopedic belt for the ultimate reduction of impact on the
No Hills Around - Treadmill Hill Training Works!
The benefits of treadmill hill training At Fitness 4 Home Superstore we see a lot of cool premium quality fitness equipment products for people to own for their personal home gym. But many, when they come to our stores are looking to find a quality treadmill. And with throngs of treadmills to choose from, there
Product Spotlight: The Spirit XT285 Treadmill
If you’re looking for your first treadmill, and you want quality and reliability without breaking your budget, you should take a look at the Spirit XT285 Treadmill. The Spirit XT285 treadmill is perfect for those who walk and want to transition to running, with a deck that is 1/4″ thicker to accommodate runners and higher
Best Types of Exercise Equipment for Loosing Belly Fat
One of the main places people usually wish to loose fat – is their belly. Belly fat expands your waistline. And, this can make you feel self conscious about your appearance. Additionally, belly fat is also an especially dangerous type of fat that can raise your risk of disease. Exercise is a great for loosing
Workout Tip: Choose the Right Footwear
We’ve all had that problem when running, whether on a treadmill, or outside on our familiar running route. Boredom. And, if it happens often enough, that boredom can translate into an acute lack of motivation for our exercise program! But, how can you avoid getting bored? Belgian researchers have discovered that if you can keep
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Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home
There are so many ways to get fit that sometimes it seems overwhelming, and almost paralyzing, on how to know what type of equipment to use to get you to your personal fitness goal. While many of us have heard about the benefits of strength training, cardio training and flexibility, we may still be a
Product Spotlight: TRUE M30 Treadmill
With the Arizona heat already starting to rise, running outdoors is again becoming more difficult as we approach the summer heat. Taking your running workouts indoors is a great way to get your cardio in while avoiding the heat. But, when purchasing a treadmill, you want quality, reliability, performance – all at a price that
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Product Spotlight - Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series Treadmill
Shopping for a home treadmill can be very intimidating! There are so many different brands, models and styles it can be next to impossible to choose the right one for your home. For most people, buying a home treadmill is a major investment. It’s also a good investment for those who have decided to make a conscious effort
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Why Buy Fitness Equipment locally?
We’re all looking for the best deal. We all want to save money. And, sometimes, buying online or from a big-box store may get you a good deal – at least in the short run. But, have you considered the benefits of purchasing fitness equipment from a local store – one that is part of
Workout Tip: Choose the Right Footwear
Of all the equipment you can think of putting together for your home gym, the treadmill plays the most vital role for your cardio workouts. And, although there is some cost involved to purchasing a home treadmill, the rewards outweigh the cost. With a bit of knowledge, you can make sure you not only purchase