Weight Loss Tips - Help Your Family Loose Weight
The best way to make sure your kids are healthy – is to be a healthy parent! When you, as a parent, provide an consistent example of healthy eating and exercise, your kids are much more likely to also prefer healthy foods and a fit lifestyle. Here’s some tips for healthy kids and families. Healthy
Workout Tip: Choose the Right Footwear
We’ve all had that problem when running, whether on a treadmill, or outside on our familiar running route. Boredom. And, if it happens often enough, that boredom can translate into an acute lack of motivation for our exercise program! But, how can you avoid getting bored? Belgian researchers have discovered that if you can keep
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Triathlon training

Try a Triathlon!

Triathlon has been around for over 35 years, and many people look at it as a “gruelathon”. The premier triathlon is the Hawai’i Ironman Triathlon every October in Kona, HI – and this event is one of the more difficult triathlons out there, combining a 2 mile open water ocean swim, 112 miles on a
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Fitness Trends for 2019
You’ve noticed throughout our blog postings that we are a huge proponent of mixing cardio and strength training. But, how do you mix these different training programs in a way that works for your workouts? How often should you strength train? When should you schedule recovery days into your routine? What makes things more confusing
Weight Loss Tips for Summer

Weight Loss Tips for Summer

With summer temperatures here in Phoenix over 100 degrees, keeping in shape (and keeping off those extra pounds) can be problematic. It’s can become much simpler to binge-watch shows on Netflix, while kicking back on your couch, and not realize that extra snacking can lead to extra pounds. Here’s some weight loss tips to counter
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SPRI Foam Roller
After a hard workout, you may have noticed your muscles getting tight – and the next day, rather than remembering a great workout, you’re stuck with sore muscles. Did you know that using a roller is a great way to can reduce muscle tension, gain better mobility, and lessen overall stress? Think of a roller
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Make Recovery a Priority
We all have, over time, added a few pounds that we’d like to get rid of. Let’s face it – although starting and staying involved in an exercise routine is great for living a healthier life, it’s also nice to actually see results that go along with it! Here’s some easy, but not always obvious,
Workout Hydration
Breaking a sweat under the scorching sun is risky. And, with Arizona’s monsoon season, it is even riskier. Those days that seem a little cooler due to monsoon weather are also a bit more humid, which can have an averse impact on your workouts – and your health! The hotter it gets, the more Exertional
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Density Training
It’s really not that hard to become super-fit – it just takes time, energy, and dedication! The hard part is in executing on that. So, let’s take those three parts separately. Time Time means many things when it comes to your workout. It means you should time everything. Do your workout against the clock. Whether
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Workout Safety Tips for Hot Weather
With summer heat upon is, taking your workouts outside is not only more difficult, it can potentially also be much more dangerous, if not deadly. Especially if you’re not accustomed to working out when it’s hot out, you can easily overdo your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, and you run the risk of heat