Healthy Eating: Protein-Packed Fish
Making sure you get enough protein in your diet is important for both success in your workouts as well as an necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Protein is needed to build – and rebuild – muscle. Salmon is an ideal source of protein (not to mention heart-healthy omega-3 fats). Serve with steamed veggies and
Best Types of Exercise Equipment for Loosing Belly Fat
With summer quickly approaching, you may be wanting to get rid of those couple of pounds you put on over the winter. And, the best way to accomplish that, and getting rid of those pounds quickly, is by combining an exercise and diet plan. A rigorous exercise plan can help you quickly accelerate your metabolism
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Healthy Recipe: Turkey Sausage Patties
If you have a craving for a great sausage-based meal but don’t want to sabotage your good eating regimen, we have the perfect solution. These turkey sausage patties are packed with flavor, and are surprisingly moist thanks to the pear (an apple or other type of fruit can also be used as a substitute). As
Best Foods for Gaining Lean Muscle
Gaining lean muscle takes two things. Physical activity and nutrition. You need strength training workouts that build muscle, and proper food sources that include high-protein foods, as well as carbohydrates and healthy fats. The great thing about adding lean muscle is that you’re going to increase your metabolism, which burns body fat. And, muscle takes
Shrimp Ratatouille
Now that summer is here, summer heat can take a toll on your appetite. Looking for a recipe that’s easy to make, takes little time, and yet is still healthy? Try this recipe for Shrimp Ratatouille – low in fat, high in protein – and yet refreshing for after your workout!  Ingredients 2 ½ tbsp.
Can You Exercise With A Mask?

Can You Exercise With A Mask?

Thanks to this global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all now requested, if not mandated, to wear a mask when we’re out. But, how effective are your workouts when you exercise with a mask? And there are other questions that arise out of what happens when you exercise with a mask. The biggest one is if when
Diet Tips – Ways To Stay On Your Diet
Part of a healthy fitness-based lifestyle is your diet. But, as much as we all try to be loyal to eating healthy, it can be difficult at times. Here’s some diet tips to help you stay on your diet. Drink plenty of water. Most people are chronically dehydrated – so for that reason alone, you
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How to Find Motivation When Your Brain Gets in the Way
Summer hits. It’s hot outside. The last thing you want to think about is a workout where you spend your time working up a sweat. Or, it’s winter, and going out to exercise in the cold just seems miserable. Here are some suggestions that will help you find motivation when your brain tells you the
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Healthy Recipe: Dark and Delicious Brownies
Everybody is catching on to the benefits of coconut oil these days. It has become a popular ingredient in all sorts of healthy recipes, and makes a great alternative to processed oils and margarines. This healthy recipe for dark chocolate brownies features coconut oil, and lets you create decadent and delicious treats that everyone will
Workout Tip: Certain Exercises Build Bulk
If you are hoping to add size (either to your entire frame overall or to certain muscle groups), you will want to plan your workout with these goals specifically in mind. You can speed up your progress by building your fitness regimen around moves that are particularly effective at building mass. More weight and fewer