Lack of sleep may be hurting your metabolism According to a new research study by the journal Obesity, if you don’t get enough sleep, that lack of sleep may have a negative impact on your body’s metabolism, causing your belly to bulge. For example, if you only get 4 hours of sleep for five straight
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Workout Tip: Exercise in Short Intense Bursts
In your quest to improve your level of fitness, one of the best things you can do is to focus on burning fat and adding muscle. Not only is excess body fat unattractive, it can lead to long term health issues. And, adding muscle speeds up your metabolism – which aids in your body’s ability
Fitness 4 Home Superstore's New Truck Graphics
We’re proud to announce that you’ll now be seeing Fitness 4 Home Superstore new truck graphics on Ace Fitness’s delivery & service vehicle around Phoenix! Since we opened our doors in 2004, we’ve partnered with the very best in the business, our sister company Ace Fitness. Ace Fitness started their business in 2004 (the same