Cascade Compass Indoor Cycle
Now available at Fitness 4 Home Superstore – the Cascade Compass Indoor Cycle! With this bike, unlike other spin bikes, you get not only a traditional spin bike, but also 14 program options. The Cascade Compass features 16 Levels of automatically adjustable resistance, Heart Rate Monitor/Strap for heart rate training, Dual Sided SPD Pedals and
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Precor EFX 665 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer
This product spotlight is focused on the Precor EFX 665 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer. If you’re looking to take your workouts to the next level, and you need an elliptical that balances durability, innovation, and reliability, this is the elliptical for you. With the Precor EFX 665 Elliptical, you’re getting the quality of a professional elliptical
Cascade Compass

Product Spotlight: Cascade Compass

At Fitness 4 Home Superstore, we carry a wide variety of indoor cycles, and one of the best we carry is the Cascade Compass. This is one spin bike you should be considering if you’re looking to take your spin bike workouts home! The Cascade Compass offers 14 program options as well as the traditional
Product Spotlight: Tuff Stuff CCD-347 VKR Chin Dip & Push Up Combo
Regardless of what physical activities you prefer to engage in, nearly all activities require you to have a strong core. Weak core muscles can lead to greater fatigue, less endurance, and greater injuries. At Fitness 4 Home Superstore, one of the premier pieces of core strengthening equipment we carry is Tuff Stuff’s CCD-347 VKR Chin
Hit Your Fitness Goals - Additional Ways to Stay Motivated

Ways To Burn Fat Through Exercise

Why does it seem as though that any extra calories go straight to your thighs or belly? Unfortunately, this is normal. Thanks to age, genes, hormones, and lifestyle, that’s where your body will naturally store extra calories as fat. Here’s some ways to burn fat through exercise. How Your Body Burns Fat It helps to
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Fitness Tips for Beginners
While it’s important to incorporate strength training into your workouts (adding muscle speeds up your metabolism, which burns fat) – you also need cardio if you want to not only loose weight, but build endurance. Unlike s strength workout circuit, doing cardio can be, well, boring. And if you’re bored, you loose motivation for your
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Why Physical Fitness is Important

Why Physical Fitness is Important

There’s more to fitness than just being physically fit. Mental fitness is an equal part to the concept of fitness – and those that are fit both physically as well as mentally, are less prone to a variety of common medial problems. But, to become fit mentally, it’s good to start with getting fit physically.
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Product Spotlight - Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series Treadmill
The Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series Treadmill – a commercial quality treadmill that is perfect for your home cardio workouts! Why choose between the convenience of a workout at home and the quality of a fitness center exercise experience? The Precor TRM 425 Treadmill is club-quality equipment that’s built to go the distance. What helps
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Rowing Machine Workout Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
Rowing machines are an incredible way to get in a full body cardio workout. But, are you getting the most out of those workouts? By doing your rowing machine workouts properly, you may not only achieve better results, but also save time and avoid injury. Here’s a number of rowing machine workout mistakes and how
The Helix H1000 Touch Lateral Trainer - A New Way To Do Cardio
With the Helix H1000 Touch Later Trainer, you get a machine that combines stunning aesthetics with a cutting-edge touchscreen display, creative and challenging workout programs, and a silky smooth, solid ride. If you’re looking for an incredible cardio workout, combined with unmatched muscle sculpting results, you need to stop into one of Fitness 4 Home
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