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Best Ellipticals from Fitness 4 Home

Thinking of buying a new elliptical machine? They can be an excellent asset for an effective (and, dare we say, fun) workout that offers a lot of flexibility and variety. But they come in many forms and price ranges, with a whole array of possible options and features, so it can be tough to figure
Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home
Are you a runner? With cooler weather now hitting Phoenix as well as the rest of the country, you may be wanting to move your training sessions indoors. And even if you’re not a runner, if you’re looking to increase your cardio workouts, working on an elliptical or treadmill can help you improve your cardiovascular
Precor EFX 447 Elliptical | Fitness 4 Home
With a wide variety of cardio equipment choices available to you, it can be difficult to determine what to look for. You want equipment that will fit your fitness program. You want equipment that is reliable, from a brand you can trust. And, you want features that make your workouts enjoyable. An exceptional choice –
Elliptical of the Month: Precor EFX 245
Shopping for home fitness equipment can be challenging, with so many choices and a wide range of options and features to compare. Even once you narrow it down to one specific category—say, ellipticals—it can still be quite a task. We offer a wide variety of excellent elliptical machines at Fitness 4 Home, and we know
Product Spotlight: Precor AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer
When it comes to your home cardio workouts, it’s important to look at equipment that is flexible, allowing for a wide range of functionality. At Fitness 4 Home Superstore, we highly recommend the Precor AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer. This trainer is identical to Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers that are popular in health clubs, and
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Elliptical of the Month: Precor EFX447
Elliptical cross trainers, also known as ellipticals, offer a low-impact, full-body workout that burns calories to the tune of 800 per hour, depending on your body weight. But what are other benefits of an elliptical? Low Impact We mentioned above that ellipticals offer a low impact workout. But what does this really mean? Compared to
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Weight Loss - Cardio Training for Beginners
Cardio training is a great way to not only get back into shape, but also loose weight. But, it can be hard to know where to start. How long should you exercise? What is a good workout to start with? Here’s some tips for cardio training for beginners. Tip #1 – Talk To Your Doctor
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Exercise Tips for your Elliptical

Elliptical trainers are wonderful cardio machine, both for fitness as well as weight loss. They are joint friendly, and incredibly versatile. You can go forward and backward, work your arms and legs, or focus on your core — all while getting your heart rate up. Here are some tips to help you maximize your workout
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Best Types of Exercise Equipment for Loosing Belly Fat
One of the main places people usually wish to loose fat – is their belly. Belly fat expands your waistline. And, this can make you feel self conscious about your appearance. Additionally, belly fat is also an especially dangerous type of fat that can raise your risk of disease. Exercise is a great for loosing
Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home
There are so many ways to get fit that sometimes it seems overwhelming, and almost paralyzing, on how to know what type of equipment to use to get you to your personal fitness goal. While many of us have heard about the benefits of strength training, cardio training and flexibility, we may still be a