Tips For Better Cardio Workouts

Whether your cardio preference, be it running outdoors, on a treadmill or elliptical at the gym, or on a piece of cardio equipment in your home gym, it’s easy for your workouts – and success – to stagnate over time. Here are some tips for better cardio workouts. Add Sprints to your workout: Instead of
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After having one too many trips to the local fast food drive-thru, we all get to that point where we feel we need to loose some weight, trim that waistline, and get back in shape. But, what’s the best way to do that? What is the best fitness equipment for weight loss? The first thing
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The Benefits of Elliptical Workouts
No pain…your joints gain You know that doing some form of cardio exercise on a regular basis is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Elliptical workouts are great way to get your cardio in for a number of reasons. The first being, the lack of impact on your joints. Unlike running, which is one of
The Evolution of Home Fitness - post COVID
Whether you have an elliptical in your home gym, or you’re using one at your local gym, elliptical machines can give you a great workout. They are a wonderful piece of workout equipment designed to raise your heart rate while improving your fitness as efficiently as a treadmill, without the pounding your joints would suffer
What is an Elliptical Trainer - and Why Do I Need One?
If you’re looking to get fit, loose weight, and feel better, cardio workouts are a great way to achieve those goals. But, there are a multitude of different types of equipment out there to choose from, including elliptical trainers. If you’ve never used one before, there are a number of benefits to using an elliptical
Spirit XE295
We offer a wide variety of excellent elliptical machines at Fitness 4 Home, and we know it can be a challenge to try and pick just one. Such as the Spirit XE295. Traditional with Some Upgrades The Spirit XE295 has a traditional foundation that will feel comfortable and familiar to those who are accustomed to
Ellipticals or treadmills - what’s better for your aerobic workouts?
Both elliptical machines and treadmill can give you a great aerobic workout – both do a great job of building up your VO2Max as well as promoting fat loss.  It’s really a personal choice as to which you prefer. But, in some cases, ellipticals might offer some advantages over treadmills. For example: Ellipticals are usually
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5 Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer
You may have used an elliptical trainer at your local gym, or may have seen one at your local fitness equipment dealer. And you may have also wondered if an elliptical trainer can help you loose weight and get fit. Here’s a number of benefits of using an elliptical trainer. 5 Benefits of an Elliptical
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Exercise To Loose That Spare Tire!
Exercise To Loose That Spare Tire! Want to loose that spare tire? Many of us have that extra bit of weight around the middle that we all want to loose – and fast! That extra fat is not only unsightly, it’s unhealthy, too. Studies have shown that for men, increased health risks are associated with
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Elliptical of the Month: Precor EFX447
There’s nothing like going outside for a workout. But, with Arizona’s summer heat, it’s much more comfortable to get your workout inside on a home elliptical. Here are a couple of workout ideas – elliptical workouts that will keep you motivated this summer! Workout #1: Speed and stability This workout is ll about speed, along
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