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Welcome to the Fitness 4 Home Superstore blog. Besides diet tips, healthy recipes, and different ways to maximize your workouts, we also strive to help you make the best buying decisions for your home fitness center. Learn about new fitness equipment, what types of equipment may work best for your fitness goals, and the differences between the types of equipment we carry. Our stores are centrally located, and close to Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Glendale, Peoria, and Ahwatukee. So, please enjoy our blog, and if you have any questions about our industry-leading cardio and strength equipment, as well as our fitness accessories, we are here to help. Learn more at one of our stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Chandler, Arizona.

First Degree Fitness – E520 Fluid RowerRead more +22 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Rowers

The Health Benefits of Indoor Rowing

Rowing has moved from being a competitive outdoor sport, to an exceptional way to get in shape. Unlike many other cardio exercises, Indoor Rowing is a total body workout – and may be the perfect exercise for people of all body types and fitness levels. Why should you try indoor rowing? 1. Great for weight
Losing Weight with CardioRead more +18 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Bikes, Ellipticals, Fitness Equipment, Rowers, Training, Treadmills

Losing Weight with Cardio

Whether you’ve been doing strength training or not, losing stubborn body fat will require at least some cardio. Cardio, or aerobic exercise, uses fat for your primary fuel source, with carbohydrates and protein being used to a lesser degree. So, if your goal is losing weight, cardio exercise needs to be part of your plan.
PowerBlock U-70 Weight Set is Affordable and CompactRead more +17 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Flexibility & Strength Equipment

PowerBlock U-70 Weight Set is Affordable and Compact

Many people like to take a simple, easy to manage approach to getting in shape. This often translates to using a set of weights. However, dumbbell and barbell sets can have their downsides. Chief among those is the fact that they tend to require a lot of space, and can also be inconvenient to move
Fitness Trends for 2018Read more +16 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Lifestyle, Training

Fitness Trends for 2018

Based on research done by the American Council on Exercise, there are a few trends shaping up so far for 2018 that you may want to take note of. Although this list is not an exhaustive list, it does give you some ideas of where the industry is heading in terms of fitness trends for
Benefits of a Vibration Trainer for FitnessRead more +15 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Training

Benefits of a Vibration Trainer for Fitness

Why use a vibration trainer? The idea behind a vibration trainer is that you’re getting whole-body vibration as part of your workout. With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on vibration trainer (that normally has a vibrating platform). As the plate vibrates, it transmits that vibration energy to your body, forcing your muscles to
Read more +12 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Healthy Recipe: Post Workout Meal – Spinach, Mozzarella, and Pepper Omelet Sandwiches

It’s not just what you eat before a workout that matters, it’s also what you eat after your workout! No matter what time of day you exercise, it’s important to refuel after your workout, and make sure that what you do eat also has a good mix of protein (which your muscles need to recover)
The Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training For Your WorkoutsRead more +11 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Flexibility & Strength Equipment, Training, Treadmills

The Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training For Your Workouts

Looking to take your workouts to the next level? Want to burn fat faster, increase endurance, and live a healthier, fitter lifestyle? If you haven’t been combining strength training with your cardio workouts, now’s the time! Before you do so, however, it’s important to undertand the different types of exercise. Aerobic Exercise – In other
Read more +10 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Flexibility & Strength Equipment

Now at our Phoenix Superstore – the TRUE QuickFit Home Gym

Come try out the new TRUE QuickFit Home Gym at our Camelback location. If you’re looking for a home gym that also features a small footprint, the QuickFit is the perfect solution for home gyms with limited space. Similar in concept to the Tuff Stuff SPT-6X Six-Pak Trainer, the TRUE Quickfit also is designed for
Coming Soon! Phoenix I-10 Superstore!Read more +09 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Newsletters

BIG NEWS from Fitness 4 Home Superstore – New I-10 Superstore Coming Soon!

BIG NEWS!  Fitness 4 Home Superstore is very excited to announce the upcoming Grand Opening of a brand new Phoenix I-10 Superstore!  Doors are projected to open on or around March 1st.  Located on the I-10 between 40th St & University, we will be part of the new Reliance Broadway Center visible from both directions on
Exercising When You're SickRead more +08 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Exercising When You’re Sick

It’s no secret that this year’s flu season is coming up. The average adult suffers from one to six colds each year and about two-thirds of them are usually upper respiratory infections. Many people wonder if exercising when you’re sick has any affect on the severity or length of a cold. Most experts recommend that
Ensure Proper RecoveryRead more +05 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Lack of exercise – it’s worse than being obese!

A recent study has shown that even 20 minutes a day of brisk walking can lead to a longer life – helping to keep sedentary people from suffering an early death. A large European study recently analyzed over 334,000 men and women. One of the most important aspects of this study was that the risk
True CS900 Upright BikeRead more +04 January 2018 By Bob Lachniet in Bikes

Why should I ride a stationary bike for exercise?

There are multiple ways you can improve your health by incorporating regular physical exercise into your daily routine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, if you spend 150 minutes a week (that’s just over 20 minutes a day) , engaging in moderate intensity cardio exercise, you can help manage your weight better,

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