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The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea For FitnessRead more +20 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Diet, Lifestyle

Healthy Recipe – Green Tea Asian Stir Fry

Green tea is more than just green liquid, it’s a great tool to improve your health! Green tea is full of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants can help to reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, which in turn protects cells and molecules from damage. These
Cascade ClimberRead more +19 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Steppers and Stepmills

Product Spotlight: Cascade Climber from Cascade Fitness

If you’re looking for an incredible cardio workout, you need to look at vertical climber training. Climbing against gravity also burns more calories than any other exercise. And the Cascade Vertical Climber is the best choice, especially if you’re looking for that combination of commercial-grade construction and performance! The Cascade Climber offers an exceptional time
Read more +18 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Steppers and Stepmills

Benefits of Using a Stepmill or Stepper

We’ve seen movies, commercials, TV shows, that show the hero getting in shape by running up a flight of stairs. But, that’s not just for a bit of drama. Running stairs is a great way to get in shape! But, not only is the weather not always conducive to running stairs, finding a flight of
Challenge Yourself with Resistance TrainingRead more +17 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Accessories, Training

Challenge Yourself with Resistance Training

Resistance training is the fastest way to lose weight, change your body shape, increase strength and improve your health. You can do it if you learn to make a sport out of it (or better yet, a game). Take the time to learn proper technique, apply a high degree of vigor to every workout and
How To Fall In Love With FitnessRead more +16 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Lifestyle, Training

How To Fall In Love With Fitness

The biggest problem of starting, and sticking with, a fitness program – is actually doing it. It’s easy to get bored with an exercise program. And once you’re bored, you probably won’t be consistent with your workouts. But if you find a passion for being fit, you’ll make it part of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s
Healthy Eating: Protein-Packed FishRead more +13 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Healthy Eating: Protein-Packed Fish

Making sure you get enough protein in your diet is important for both success in your workouts as well as an necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Protein is needed to build – and rebuild – muscle. Salmon is an ideal source of protein (not to mention heart-healthy omega-3 fats). Serve with steamed veggies and
Spirit CRW900 Water RowerRead more +12 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Fitness Equipment, Rowers

Product Spotlight: Spirit CRW900 Water Rower

Fitness 4 Home Superstore is proud to introduce the new Spirit Fitness CRW900 Water Rower. Unlike other rowing machines, the highlight of this machine is its distinctive water tank, which provides up to 10 challenging levels of resistance with a simple turn of a knob. The wooden and steel frame features smooth slide rails, an
Choose the Best Time for ExerciseRead more +11 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Workout Tip: Choose the Best Time for Exercise

Do you know the best time for a workout? Everyone seems to have an opinion on this, and a particular time frame that they swear by to get the best results. If you are driving yourself crazy trying to find out exactly when you should embark on your workout, you are likely wasting a lot
Lateral Trainers are Perfect for MultitaskersRead more +10 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Flexibility & Strength Equipment

Lateral Trainers are Perfect for Multitaskers

These days, we are all very busy. Many of us are in fact probably way too busy. We are on the go, running around nonstop from the time we wake up until we finally fall asleep. With so many things packed into our schedule, and competing for our time and attention, it’s no wonder that
Read more +09 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Diet, Lifestyle

Healthy Eating is the Backbone to Fitness

Ask almost any personal trainer and they’ll tell you that regardless of your training goals, healthy eating is the backbone to good fitness. Think about how you feel when you’ve had a fat-filled, carb-loaded meal that leaves you feeling lethargic. It’s like putting bad fuel in your body! Food is the fuel that allows your
Easy Muscle Building Recipe - Balsamic Chicken BreastRead more +06 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Easy Muscle Building Recipe – Balsamic Chicken Breast

Try this easy muscle building recipe for Balsamic Chicken Breast to get that protein punch your muscles are craving! Make sure when you fuel your muscles, you’re also helping to build them. Your workouts break down muscles, and you need extra protein to make them grow! Balsamic Chicken Breast 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 2
Ensure Proper RecoveryRead more +05 September 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Lack of exercise – it’s worse than being obese!

A recent study has shown that even 20 minutes a day of brisk walking can lead to a longer life – helping to keep sedentary people from suffering an early death. A large European study recently analyzed over 334,000 men and women. One of the most important aspects of this study was that the risk