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Welcome to the Fitness 4 Home Superstore blog. Besides diet tips, healthy recipes, and different ways to maximize your workouts, we also strive to help you make the best buying decisions for your home fitness center. Learn about new fitness equipment, what types of equipment may work best for your fitness goals, and the differences between the types of equipment we carry. Our stores are centrally located, and close to Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Glendale, Peoria, and Ahwatukee. So, please enjoy our blog, and if you have any questions about our industry-leading cardio and strength equipment, as well as our fitness accessories, we are here to help. Learn more at one of our stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or our I-10 Superstore, Arizona.

Density TrainingRead more +24 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle, Training

Exercise – The Secrets of How to Become Super-Fit

It’s really not that hard to become super-fit – it just takes time, energy, and dedication! The hard part is in executing on that. So, let’s take those three parts separately. Time Time means many things when it comes to your workout. It means you should time everything. Do your workout against the clock. Whether
Try These Best Summer Foods for Weight Loss from Fitness 4 HomeRead more +21 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Diet, Lifestyle

Try These Best Summer Foods for Weight Loss

Summer is almost upon us – with Phoenix hitting their first 100 degree day yesterday, we’re already hitting weather that lends itself to summer clothing, swimsuits, and pools. And with that, the desire to loose a few pounds to be ready for this coming summer! Try these best summer foods for weight loss. Tomatoes –
Product Spotlight: TRUE M30 TreadmillRead more +20 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Treadmills

Product Spotlight: TRUE M30 Treadmill

With the Arizona heat already starting to rise, running outdoors is again becoming more difficult as we approach the summer heat. Taking your running workouts indoors is a great way to get your cardio in while avoiding the heat. But, when purchasing a treadmill, you want quality, reliability, performance – all at a price that
Workout Safety Tips for Hot WeatherRead more +19 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle, Training

Workout Safety Tips for Hot Weather

With summer heat upon is, taking your workouts outside is not only more difficult, it can potentially also be much more dangerous, if not deadly. Especially if you’re not accustomed to working out when it’s hot out, you can easily overdo your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, and you run the risk of heat
Product Spotlight - Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series TreadmillRead more +18 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Treadmills

How to Shop for a Home Treadmill

Shopping for a home treadmill can be very intimidating! There are so many different brands, models and styles it can be next to impossible to choose the right one for your home. For most people, buying a home treadmill is a major investment. It’s also a good investment for those who have decided to make a conscious effort
Workout Tip: Choose the Right FootwearRead more +17 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Workout Tip: Choose the Right Footwear

It is difficult to get the most out of a workout if you aren’t comfortable. But choosing the right attire and footwear for a workout goes beyond comfort. The rights choices can also help ensure you practice a good safety routine and avoid injury. Footwear can vary by workout The best type of footwear for
Healthy Recipe - Banana PancakesRead more +14 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Diet, Lifestyle

Healthy Recipe – Banana Pancakes

Maintaining your energy levels all day long can be a challenge, especially if you need energy to work and workout! This delectable pancake recipe is all packed with one of the best energy-boosting superfoods – BANANAS. Try our recipe for Banana Pancakes – and if you’d like a bit more protein, replace 1 scoop of
Maximize Your Workout with a Lateral TrainerRead more +13 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lateral Trainers

Maximize Your Workout with a Lateral Trainer

Like most people, you are probably way too busy and don’t have a lot of time to spare. This means that you likely try to find the most efficient and productive way to approach anything you do. When it comes to getting the most out of your exercise time, one of the best ways to
Diet for fat loss - Tips to refine your diet!Read more +12 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Lifestyle

Diet for fat loss – Tips to refine your diet!

It’s frustrating to see some people that seem to be able to eat anything and not gain weight, while for others it seems like just looking at a pizza will add 5 pounds to their frame! Here’s a secret. Everybody’s metabolism is different. We all don’t work with the same metabolic platform. The amount of
Spirit XG400 E•Glide EllipticalRead more +11 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Ellipticals, Fitness Equipment

Product Spotlight – Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical

Now at Fitness 4 Home Superstore – the Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical! This elliptical is perfect for those that are looking for an elliptical that provides both maximum workout variety, along with extensive feedback! If you’re looking for an elliptical trainer that provides cross training modality, the Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical is perfect for both
The 18-Minute Home Dumbbell WorkoutRead more +10 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Flexibility & Strength Equipment

The 18-Minute Home Dumbbell Workout

In less than 20 minutes, our dumbbell workout will help you to build strength and size after just 6 weeks! Free weights are the best tool available for building muscle size, strength, and power. And, they do it faster than any other form of resistance training. By using dumbbells, this whole process happens more quickly
Grilled Broccoli with Avocado & SesameRead more +07 June 2019 By Bob Lachniet in Diet, Lifestyle

Healthy Recipe – Grilled Broccoli with Avocado & Sesame

This recipe is a Keto-friendly choice, and the broccoli can take more heat on the grill than you might think; it won’t taste burnt unless you actually set it on fire. This recipe is highly macro-nutrient centric! Ingredients Pickled Jalapeños ½ cup white balsamic vinegar or unseasoned rice vinegar ¼ cup dry white wine or