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Welcome to the Fitness 4 Home Superstore blog. Besides diet tips, healthy recipes, and different ways to maximize your workouts, we also strive to help you make the best buying decisions for your home fitness center. Learn about new fitness equipment, what types of equipment may work best for your fitness goals, and the differences between the types of equipment we carry. Our stores are centrally located, and close to Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Glendale, Peoria, and Ahwatukee. So, please enjoy our blog, and if you have any questions about our industry-leading cardio and strength equipment, as well as our fitness accessories, we are here to help. Learn more at one of our stores in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or our I-10 Superstore, Arizona.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Elliptical Cross Trainer?

Elliptical cross trainers, also known as ellipticals, offer a low-impact, full-body workout that burns calories to the tune of 800 per hour, depending on your body weight. But what are other benefits of an elliptical? Low Impact We mentioned above that ellipticals offer a low impact workout. But what does this really mean? Compared to
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Mixing Cardio and Strength Training In Your Workouts

You’ve noticed throughout our blog postings that we are a huge proponent of mixing cardio and strength training. But, how do you mix these different training programs in a way that works for your workouts? How often should you strength train? When should you schedule recovery days into your routine? What makes things more confusing
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Treadmill Of The Month – The Precor TRM 211 Treadmill

With monsoon weather now upon us in Phoenix, not only is it way too hot to run outside, the extra humidity makes it even more unbearable to run, unless you’re out late at night or early in the morning. Even then, with nighttime lows still in the mid 90’s, you may find your running workouts
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How To Create a Workout To Loose Belly Fat

Maybe you’ve been working out at your local health club or in your home gym, and you’re feeling stronger than ever. Your cardio endurance is better than it’s ever been. Your muscles are toned and firm. Yet, you still have that stubborn belly that won’t go away. Here’s how to create a workout to loose
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Healthy Recipe: Chicken Gumbo

Looking for an easy to make yet healthy main course that tastes great but is also good for your heart? Check out this recipe for chicken gumbo. It’s a great way to get in your daily quota of vegetables, and can easily be saved and heated again later. (This healthy recipe is courtesy of U.S.
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Finding Motivation to Exercise

One of the more difficult aspects of stying on an exercise program, is staying motivated. Sure, you can look in the mirror, and know you want to improve your strength, your physique, or loose weight. But, finding motivation to exercise is another matter. Here’s top tips for improving your motivation to exercise. Conventional wisdom says
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Boost your performance – Run harder while avoiding injuries

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, or running through the park, running is not only a great way to improve your physical health, it’s also one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts you can do in a short amount of time. But, although running hard is good, running smart is better. By focusing on some
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Product Spotlight: Helix HLT3500-3D Lateral Trainer

The best cardio on the planet just got a major upgrade! We’re proud to annouce the availability of Helix Fitness’s newest lateral trainer – the Helix HLT3500-3D. The Helix HLT3500-3D Lateral Trainer is the first model designed for all training levels, not just the super fit. It retains the effectiveness of other Helix models but
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Dumbbell Exercises For Your Glutes

Everybody thinks dumbbells are just for working their upper body – but they are a great resource for working your lower body, including your glutes! Want to carve that perfect backside? Here are some dumbbell exercises for your glutes that when combined with your own body weight, take your lower body workout to a full
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Healthy Recipe: Blackened Tilapia Baja Fish Tacos

It’s important to get a healthy mixture of carbs, fat, and especially protein into your diet. But, it’s not always easy to figure out an easy to prepare meal that also is also healthy. With fish tacos, you get a healthy dose of Omega-3’s, which protects your heart and can help to reduce inflammation throughout
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The 8 Muscle Building Exercises You Should Be Doing Now

We’re all pressed for time – and want our workouts to make a difference. Your strength training program is no exception. But, there are a number of exercises that may help improve your results, as well as break through any plateaus you might have reached. Try these 8 muscle building exercises at the gym –
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Cardio Myths That Can Make You Fat

You’ve been to the gym. You’ve seen people on cardio machines, whether it’s a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. There’s always that one person that you’ve remember seeing with bit of extra weight that over time, now looks incredible. So, it’s pretty easy to assume that if you up your cardio, you’ll loose weight and