Fitness Equipment Commercial Markets Served

Learn about the commercial markets served by Commercial Fitness Superstore, specializing in fitness equipment commercial installations including multi-family, police & fire, schools & universities, medical & physical therapy, hotels & resorts, corporate wellness, and recreation centers, clubs & studios within Arizona.


Your exercising residents are looking for equipment that blends a balance of cardio, strength, and core exercises. And, property managers know that providing a properly equipped fitness center can help make the difference in both attracting as well as retaining residents. Increase the attractiveness of your property while differentiating your property from your competition. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help you choose the right mix of fitness equipment for your facility within your budget and space, as well as help you service and maintain that equipment!

Police & Fire

It’s important that our “first-responders” do their best to stay fit and healthy – our lives depend on it! Helping Police and Fire crews stay in shape and prepared to do their jobs requires a team that has not only a knowledge of their fitness requirements and training needs for cardio and strength, but also knows how to work with limited budget and space requirements. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help equip your location the perfect mix of fitness equipment, so that your officers and firefighters will have what they need to meet their physical demands daily.

Schools & Universities

Looking for an additional recruitment tool for your school or university? Do you want to improve on what your school’s sports teams can accomplish? Outfit your schools recreation center to become a highlight of your campus, helping to attract new students and support your school’s health and sports initiatives. Commercial Fitness Superstore has helped schools throughout Arizona create world class fitness centers – we can help you find the right mix of equipment that fits your goals, budget and space requirements.

Medical - Physical Therapy

For those that have suffered injury, there’s nothing more important than gaining back their health, and returning to a normal lifestyle. It takes time, patience – and the right equipment – to help your patients heal properly. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help you select the fitness equipment that best suits the needs of your staff and patients. Whether it’s choosing equipment that is biomechanically-correct, reliable and easy-to-use, or helping you service and maintain that equipment so that it’s always available for your staff and patients, Commercial Fitness Superstore shares your commitment for effective rehabilitation.

Resorts & Casinos

Your guests are looking for the best amenities available from your property. And guest reviews are an important tool driving business to your resort or casino – the quality and condition of your property’s fitness center can make the difference between your guests booking with you or your competition. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help you ensure your fitness center provides your guests with an enhanced user experience! We can help your property manager create a fitness center with the right mix of cardio and strength equipment, and maintain and service your equipment – all while working within your budgetary requirements.

Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are more productive employees. Providing your employees with a premium fitness experience not only can help lower your healthcare costs, but can raise productivity – while improving employee engagement. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help you design your facility, choose the best mix of cardio and strength equipment, and keep that equipment maintained. We can help you build a facility that’s reliable, easy to operate, and a pleasure for your employees to use – keeping your employees happy, healthy, and motivated.

Recreation Centers, Clubs & Studios

Your center, club or studio draws people from all backgrounds, interests, and age groups. It takes careful planning to provide a fitness center that appeals to all the needs of your clientele. Commercial Fitness Superstore can help you equip your fitness center with high quality cardio, strength, and fitness equipment as well as help you create and design your center’s fitness space. And, after your fitness center is up and running, we can also help you maintain and repair your center’s equipment as well. We can help you create a fitness center that will delight every user!