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Hydrow is the live outdoor reality™ rower. Unlike other rowers, the Hydrow is a full training solution, that connects your users with world-class trainers, fellow athletes, and the outdoors.

Product Highlights

Hydrow is the live outdoor reality™ rower. Unlike other rowers, the Hydrow is a full training solution, that connects your users with world-class trainers, fellow athletes, and the outdoors.

Product Details for the Hydrow Commercial Rower

Hydrow Rower

Hydrow Rower

Hydrow is the live outdoor reality™ rower. Unlike other rowers, the Hydrow is a full training solution, that connects your users with world-class trainers, fellow athletes, and the outdoors.

Every Hydrow workout engages twice the muscles of biking or running, and is led by an experienced rower, some of whom are training for the U.S. National Rowing Team. This means your users burn up to 400 calories in a 20 minute workout with support, training, and encouragement from rowing professionals – helping to free up your training staff for other clients.

Real Motivation, Real Results

Hydrow trainers teach rowing and proper resistance training, and instantly connect with thousands of new friends rowing with your clients. Row together as a team, or race each other to the finish line.

Delivers a Better Workout in Half the Time

  • 400 Calories Burned – Burn up to 400 calories in a 20 minute workout.
  • 86% of Muscled Engaged – Work your core, back, arms & legs – a total of 86% of muscles, compared to 44% from biking or running.
  • Low Impact – A comfortable, fluid workout that is easy on your body. Reduce joint stress, improve bone density, and increase overall workout effectiveness.
  • Increased Mental Clarity – Calm fluidity of repetitive strokes help to increase focus and drown out the thoughts that make you stressed.

Unique Live Outdoor Reality™ Rowing

The Hydrow Rower connected HD touchscreen and training programs adjust resistance in real time. Set up multiple users with multiple profiles, and track progress real time to help your clients reach their fitness goals.

World class trainers comprised of athletes (including rowers training for the U.S. National Rowing Team), share the best information and inspiration to maximize user engagement . And, for those times that live rowing sessions aren’t desired for your clients, Hydrow currently has over 200 filmed, recorded sessions – with more sessions being added regularly.

Note – Subscription required to access unlimited Hydrow content. Charges begin upon device activation.

Technology That Works As Hard As You Do

Hydrow’s computer-controlled resistance technology can adjust 100 times per second to create resistance that matches traditional rowing machines, different types of on-water boats, or even a weight stack.

4 Ways to Workout – 24-Hour Access to Classes for All Experience Levels

Hydrow Rower

Live Rowing

Broadcast live from rowing instructors on the water or in the studio.

Hydrow Rower

Rows on Demand

Pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions available 24/7

Hydrow Rower

Serene River Rows

Listen to the quiet sounds of birds, running water, and the smooth rhythm of your strokes.

Hydrow Rower

Whole Body Fitness

Yoga, stretching, functional movement & training for a complete fitness routine.

Designed With Tight Spaces in Mind

The footprint of Hydrow is 85″ long by 25″ wide, so it can squeeze into a pretty tight spot (height is just less than 4 feet including the screen). It can be stored upright with a mounting device available for purchase – perfect for space compromised training studios and fitness facilities. The upright storage footprint is just 25″ x 33*.

Experience the Difference

Feel like you’ve joined a real crew rowing as one on the water, accompanied by stunning visuals from locations like Miami or the Charles River. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, you can count on Hydrow to help you get there.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic Design: Easy grip handle, comfortable seat, natural rowing form. Fits up to a 36” inseam, and up to 350 lbs.
  • Smooth Rowing Strokes: Industrial grade webbed connection improves the feel of the rowing, so it’s smooth and efficient.
  • Touchscreen Monitor: Sweatproof 22” HD touchscreen monitor with HiFi speakers, embedded 2 megapixel camera, microphone, ANT+enabled, WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0 connection.
  • Quiet Resistance Mechanism: Your clients can clearly hear music and instructors without the interference of chain and fan noises typical to other machines.
  • Digital Adjustable Resistance: Duplicates the feel of a single scull, an 8 person boat, or a traditional rowing machine.
  • Commercial Grade Durability: Tested to last over 3,000,000 cycles. All components are commercial grade, including 10-roller smooth gliding seat.
Physical Specifications
  • Dimensions: Approx. 85″L x 25″W x 45″ H
  • Stored dimensions: 25”x 33” and 85″ high *Attachment needed for vertical storage
  • Hydrow Weight: Approx. 130 lbs.
  • Height limit: Fits up to a 36″ inseam
  • Weight limit: Holds up to 375 lbs.
Technical Specifications
  • Resistance Mechanism: Quiet, microprocessor-controlled resistance that adjusts 100 times per second
  • Seat: Ergonically designed seat w/ advanced cushion system
  • Seat Rollers: 10-roller system for a lifetime of extra smooth operation
  • Feet: Soft rubberized feet to protect floors from scratches
  • Monitor Pivot: Screen pivots 25 degrees in each direction for classes off the machine
  • Monitor Fold: Monitor folds flat for storage
  • Monitor Angle Adjustment: Monitor adjusts 15 degrees for the perfect viewing angle
  • Foot Stretcher Adjustment: Easy adjustment for correct foot placement
  • Seat Height: Designed for easy on-and-off
  • Handle: Ergonic design for low-stress grip
  • Handle Connection: High quality webbing for super smooth and quiet operation
  • Materials: Aluminum and steel frame with flat anthracite polymer body
  • Connections: Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled
  • Screen size: 22″
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Screen Touch Technology: PCAP
  • Screen Sweat and Dust Resistance: IP52
  • Speakers: Amplifier x2 channel, 3W, 8 ohms, front facing for immersive experience
  • Microphone: Included
  • Camera: 2 megapixel


  • Frame & Mechanics: 5 years
  • Screen / Electronics: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year

Brochures & Documents

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Hydrow for Commercial Use

Commercial grade, high quality rower with built-in
fitness training, community, and more

Enhanced Workouts Anywhere

Hydrow™ has been designed from the ground up with premium, commercial grade hardware. With a single piece of hardware, you can let your patrons bring their workouts from their home to yours.

Hydrow - Gym & Fitness Centers


Hydrow - Colleges & Schools


Hydrow - Hotels & Hospitality


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Hydrow - Corporate Gyms


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Elevate Your Commercial Offerings with Hydrow™

With premium hardware, hot-off-the-press news coverage, and a growing community, thousands of travelers will be looking to replicate their Hydrow™ in-home routine while on the road. Needing just a single login to make Hydrow their own, it’ll be like they never left home!

Hydrow Commercial Rowers

A superior workout to cycling…focus on a virtual landscape while you row in your home.

Hydrow Commercial Rowers

Their rowing experts bring the closest thing possible to actual rowing on the water.

Hydrow Commercial Rowers

Its fluid lines would look as good on the water as in a living room.

Durable, Commercial Grade Quality

Hydrow Commercial RowersFOR YOUR FACILITY


  • True Commercial-Quality and Warranty
  • Constantly Evolving Content and Live Events
  • Cutting Edge Immersive Fitness Experience
  • Machine Usage Stats Relayed Monthly to Facility
Hydrow Commerical RowersFOR YOUR PATRONS


  • Unlimited Logins for Guests
  • Quick Start / Guest Login
  • Simple Account Creation for New Users
  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Engaging and Evolving Content

A Sales Experience You Deserve

Whether you need to tailor Hydrow™ to your specific needs, you’re interested in a bulk order, or you just want to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff, we’re here for you.

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