TuffStuff Fitness – Bio-Arc Series – Commercial

Innovation Intuition Inspiration…key characteristics that describe the new Bio-Arc line of equipment designed and developed by TuffStuff Fitness International (TFI) which incorporates the patented Bio-Arc Technology which is distinctive to selectorized machines within the fitness market in that the user’s entire body moves along with the machine as each exercise is performed.

When developing Bio-Arc, TFI collaborated with an Independent Research & Consulting Company during R&D. The goal was to go through the development phase and put each machine through a test protocol using Electromyographical (EMG) testing to examine and compare the recruitment patterns of the primary movers, accessory and antagonistic muscle groups during the full range of motion on the Bio-Arc machines.

With 9 selectorized single-station machines, the Bio-Arc Series combines modern oval steel frames, solid steel weight stacks and full length protective weight shields, into a space saving design package.

TuffStuff Fitness International (TFI), an American manufacturer headquartered in Chino, CA, is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of premium grade strength equipment. Whether supplying strength equipment to the world’s finest Health Clubs, or producing the industry’s most dependable home gyms, TFI consistently uses only the highest quality materials throughout their family of strength products. As a result, TFI has earned a reputation for building the most reliable strength equipment money can buy, which has rewarded them with a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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