Commercial Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are a popular activity. But, what if you could add the benefits of a climbing wall to your fitness facility? The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from a 30 ft. wall.

Why a Climbing Wall?

Climbing is one of the best exercises you can do. It involves the whole body. The physiological benefits include:

  • Core muscle and stabilizer muscle development
  • Hand/grip strength and dexterity
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Cardiovascular improvement
  • Improved flexibility, balance, and stamina

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About Climbing on the Freedom Climber Rotating Climbing Wall.

When you climb on the Freedom Climber the rotating climbing surface challenges you even more than traditional climbing. Every muscle eventually contributes toward the effort. Your fingers grab and your forearms pull, your core tightens as you seek to stabilize yourself on the ever changing surface. Your eyes look for the next available hold.

Your mind calculates where you should be to maintain a steady speed and stay up with the rotation. Your feet find a position on holds below you that support the upward push of your legs as you extend yourself upward. The rotation brings you back down and you seek the next set of moves that will keep you engaged in continuous climbing.

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What Others Say About the Freedom Climber Rotating Climbing Wall.

“I am really impressed with the apparent quality of this piece of equipment. Easy maintenance and cleaning is definitely appreciated. The students are intrigued at this point as many have never seen anything like this. “ - Tennessee Tech University, Suzann Hensley – Assistant Director Campus Recreation

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“It is easy to figure out, yet physically challenging at the same time”
“We are getting a good mix of people, all ages and all builds are trying and enjoying the Freedom Climber”. - Ira Seth, Fitness Event Coordinator and Lead Personal Trainer, Marine Corp Base – Quantico, VA

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Freedom Climber Rotating Climbing Walls