Product Spotlight - Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series Treadmill

How to Shop for a Home Treadmill

Shopping for a home treadmill can be very intimidating! There are so many different brands, models and styles it can be next to impossible to choose the right one for your home. For most people, buying a home treadmill is a major investment. It’s also a good investment for those who have decided to make a conscious effort
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Product Spotlight: The Spirit XT285 Treadmill
If you’re looking for your first treadmill, and you want quality and reliability without breaking your budget, you should take a look at the Spirit XT285 Treadmill. The Spirit XT285 treadmill is perfect for those who walk and want to transition to running, with a deck that is 1/4″ thicker to accommodate runners and higher
Get the Best Value from Home Treadmills
Like any type of home fitness equipment, a treadmill is a major investment. We know you work hard for your money and want to spend it wisely. You can’t afford to let even a single penny go to waste. That’s why you want to make your home treadmill purchase wisely—and then ensure the machine lasts
TuffStuff CSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage Combo
TuffStuff is one of the pioneers in the home gym equipment industry. They are credited with creating the first home gym system more than 30 years ago and have continued to develop reliable and innovative products for the fitness industry ever since. The CSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage Combo certainly delivers all of the quality and
Fitness equipment in your home
With the heat we get here in Phoenix every summer, one of the biggest advantages of a treadmill is that you can use them inside, rather than trying to find the best time to try to deal with Arizona heat. A home treadmill offers a great workout and allow you to get your cardio workout
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Best treadmills
Treadmills are one of the most popular types of home fitness equipment—and are possibly the most common home fitness purchase. However, there are so many different types of treadmills available that it can become overwhelming to try and figure out which one is best for you. To help make things a bit easier, we thought