Fitness equipment in your home
Exercise equipment is a fundamental element of an effective workout regimen for many people. There is a seemingly endless assortment of equipment of all types, sizes and price ranges from which you can choose. While this is a good thing because it offers something for everyone—and allows you to constantly switch up your routine by
Gym Equipment for All Members of Your Home
Unless you live alone, most of the items in your home will be used by (or at least accessible to) more than one person. In the case of gym supplies and machines, this equipment is usually set up in a common area such as a rec room or the basement where the entire family can
Heart Rate Monitor Feature Comes in Many Forms
For anyone who follows fitness industry news or who has been involved with fitness activities, it’s hard to avoid hearing about certain trends and buzzwords. One of the terms that are currently being used with increasingly frequently is heart rate tracking. The benefits of heart rate tracking Heart rate monitoring is a hot topic right