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Spirit XG400 E•Glide EllipticalAvailable at Fitness 4 Home Superstore – the Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical! This elliptical is perfect for those that are looking for an elliptical that provides both maximum workout variety, along with extensive feedback!

If you’re looking for an elliptical trainer that provides cross training modality, the Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical is perfect for both runners and cyclists. You get a full weight bearing elliptical, without the impact of a treadmill. This elliptical features the patent pending “Direct Drive” system that creates a fluid, friction free experience, electromagnetic resistance, contact and telemetric heart rate, and full programming capabilities.

On typical ellipticals, the arms & legs of the elliptical are attached on the outer section of the flywheel. On the Spirit XG400, the arms and legs are attached through the middle of the flywheel. This allows you to achieve a very high RPM. Every time you pedal through one rotation, the flywheel spins 9 times. Most typical ellipticals only achieve one revolution of the flywheel per pedal stroke. This makes the XG400 the perfect elliptical for sprint training or interval training!

And, the XG400 E•Glide Elliptical also works with the SPIRITFIT App! The SPIRITFIT App connects to your Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical via Bluetooth. You can view current workout data in three different Display screens on your device. Easily switch back and forth from the workout display view to internet/social media/email sites via icons on the display screen. When your workout is finished, the data is automatically uploaded to your personal calendar for future reference. And, the SPIRITFIT can share workout data to HealthKit, Fitbit, Record, MapMyFitness, Facebook and Twitter.

The Spirit XG400 E•Glice also includes Numerous electronic features, including an oversized bright blue backlit display, Quick Speed and Incline console keys, remote resistance and stride handlebar toggles, and multi-color LED displays for identifying muscles activated and monitoring your heart rate.

Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s three Phoenix area locations today to learn more about the Spirit XG400 E•Glide Elliptical!

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