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Get your weights off the floor – Weight Racks

Hampton Weight Rack

Buy a proper weight rack

Yes, I know you’ve created some sort of MacGyver type of contraption that holds all your weights for you which is the best thing since sliced-bread, but just hear me out for a minute. Unless you are some sort of structural engineer, keeping hundreds if not thousands of pounds of weights on some sort of home-made weight rack, may not be the best idea. And with most brands and models of weights, the manufacturer has usually created a dumbbell, kettlebell or free-weight plate rack to house their specific weights.

Safety is paramount when using free weights of any kind. And how terrible would it be, just because you decided not to spend the extra few hundred bucks on a weight rack that a weight that was precariously positioned on a table, desk or chair fell on your foot/toe and broke it because it wasn’t designed to hold it correctly.

Save space with weight racks

Usually space is at a minimum in most houses when it comes to where a family can even fit in a home fitness room or space in an existing office, bedroom or garage. So, having weight plates and dumbbells strewn all over the floor is bad on many fronts. For one, it’s dangerous. You may know where to step when entering the “weight room” of your home so as to not stub your toe, but does your spouse, kids or friends? Second, it’s just looks messy having your weights all over the floor. A weight rack system will give your workout room a nice clean and organized feel.

Organize your weights

Do you constantly lose that certain weight that you always need for a specific workout? Having a weight rack system gives you a way to organize your weights in a way that they are easy to find, so as not to waste time looking for them before, during or after a workout session.

Make sure you know what type of weight rack system you are getting – all weight racks are not built the same. You need to make sure your brand or model of weights will fit safely and securely on the weight rack. Make sure that the weight rack is designed to hold the types of weights you have. Do you have dumbbells? Barbells? Kettlebells ? Or weight plates? You need to know this before you go out and simply get a generic weight rack.

Rack Safety

Lastly, make sure the weight rack you purchase can hold safely the amount of weights you have. Don’t try to cut corners and get the cheaper weight rack that can only hold up to 200 lbs of total weight if you really need the rack to hold 400 lbs of weights – you’re just asking for trouble, breakage and potential serious injury to yourself.

So pump it up as much as you want – but also rack it up, too.

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