Building a serious workout gym in your home – don’t forget the fitness flooring!

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Fitness Flooring for your workout room

You finally have space for a true workout gym for your home. You have plans on purchasing that home gym, the treadmill, the elliptical, the rack of weights and even bosu balls…the whole nine-yards! But before all of those pieces get brought over to your home, you need to have flooring put in.

Flooring is such a crucial piece of the home workout gym process. Not only does is it help to protect your floors from scuffs, scratches and divots, it also is an essential safety feature. Proper flooring and installation will give you piece of mind in regard to not slipping when on weight or cardio equipment. Flooring also allows you to drop dumbbells or barbells without the fear of ruining your floors. And if having too cool of a room is a worry, many brands of flooring will insulate against the cold as well. Moreover, proper fitness flooring should be engineered to be non-absorbent materials, so as not to retain the stench of sweat or body odor which comes from working out vigorously, as well as be designed to not harbor or promote bacterial growth.

Higher a professional for fitness flooring installation

Unless you have experience with laying out fitness flooring, you should probably hire someone that your fitness equipment professional could recommend who has knowledge of how to both layout your home fitness room for overall flow, but also on what exact measurements you need for the flooring so as not to purchase too little or too much of the proper-sized rubberized-flooring tiles for your space.

To be clear, fitness mats are different than actual fitness flooring. While some fitness mats can also be used as flooring, more times than not they are used as one-offs to be placed under specific fitness equipment to protect your laminate, hardwood or tile flooring, as well as muffle noise and dampen vibrations.

It’s worth the extra investment

Whether you have a full-blown fitness center in your home of a single piece of fitness equipment in your bedroom, you need not to forget about purchasing some sort of fitness flooring or mat to protect your home from damage and odors that may occur when you’re working out with strength or cardio equipment. Why pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for great fitness products if you’re not going to make that little extra investment with proper flooring, which will save you thousands of dollars on potential re-flooring expenditures in the foreseeable future.

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